Offshore banking is a legally perfect way for international ‘offshore’ business to be conducted without the intervention of the central government from your home jurisdiction.

Your money is easily accessible in any part of the world, making you truly financially independent. To top it off, you also get added security, confidentiality, and unmatched privacy. You also protect your assets from prying eyes or from the risk of changing government scenery or policies.

Most offshore banks encourage depository transactions ie safekeeping of your money. Thus, the money in banks is always safe from any leveraging and is not taxable in any way. In return, some banks offer attractive interest rates, which works perfectly for wealth preservation, management and succession planning purposes.

International business friendly & excellent customer service
Reputable international banks
Fast, easy and convenient international payments
Offers major foreign currency accounts : USD, GBP, EUR, RMB, HKD, SGD, AUD, MYR, etc
Reasonable tariffs and charges for banking services
Stable and secured online banking facilities
Other Services : Debit / credit card, cheque books, Letter of Credit (LC/SBLC), etc
Flexible and secure account management procedures

We have banking solutions that appeals to all business owners and investors.

Speak with our consultants to explore which offshore bank account is able to meet your international business needs.