We deliver this through our management and operational teams with decades of experience,

We are supported by our network of offices in South East Asia and Europe, including Africa, to serve our diverse clients. Our swift response, reliability and consistency in delivering desired results make Offshore Business a trusted and reliable source for onshore and offshore incorporation and corporate advisory.

We are focused on benefiting our clients and personnel through constant service innovation and cost-effective solutions, practising the highest standards in customer and operational services to ensure consistency and excellence for every client.

Offshore Business serves global investors, business people, and corporates in setting up companies in popular offshore locations worldwide while availing all the advantages that a developing economic trading hub provides. Our experts cover the entire banking, visa, legal, and licensing formalities and allow corporates to enjoy their company formation process without worrying about the bureaucratic red tape and legal formalities.

What matters most to us is that your vision is upheld, and your business setup is in line with your corporate objectives.

How to Set Up a Business

Use the tools and insights in this guide to grow your idea into a business, step by step.


Identify Your Business Idea


Write Your
Business Plan


Assess Your


Determine the Best Jurisdiction for Your Business


Register Your Business


Choose The Right Business Bank

Where to Register Your Offshore Company

This is the first question which comes to mind considering the numerous options available.

There is no straightforward answer to it. The best place to incorporate your offshore company depends on several factors that vary from case to case for different customers.

These factors could be taken into consideration while selecting the ideal offshore location:

  • Nationality of the applicant
  • Company activity
  • Place of residence
  • Location of clients or suppliers
  • Ease of company incorporation
  • Banking facilities
  • Regulatory and tax framework

An offshore company offers many business benefits, especially with the rise of globalisation. An offshore company set-up is becoming easier to establish without the need to travel to that particular country. The benefits of an offshore company depend on the jurisdiction of the offshore company and the laws of the country of residence of the business owners. Considering your local laws will ensure that every step you take complies with the law.

Some of the more popular offshore destinations include Seychelles, The British Virgin Islands, Panama, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Belize, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia (Labuan), Nevis, Cyprus, The United States of America and The United Kingdom. Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations which are suitable for different clients and/or purposes.

International laws and tax benefits are the main considerations to most business owners in setting up an offshore company when comes to transacting with counterparts from all over the world. However, there is no one particular ‘internationally accepted standard or ‘Code of Ethics’ that a government should follow in the management of its economy and the businesses within it. Foreign capital and investments have become the need in many countries and governments are striking their balance between making their local businesses climate attractive to foreigners as well as combating money laundering and tax evasion.

Our consultants have over 15 years of experience setting up companies in various jurisdictions globally, strongly supported by our international consultants and affiliates, providing business owners practical advice in all-encompassing jurisdiction requirements and guide to company set up.

Connect with our consultants to successfully incorporate your onshore and offshore company.

Financial Services Licenses

With more than 20 years' of industry experience, Offshore Business has assisted numerous clients with the necessary financial services licenses in :-

Financial Services

  • Private / Mutual Fund
  • Venture Capital
  • Fund Management
  • Forex / Money Broking
  • Private / Investment Bank
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Remittance / EMI
  • Payment Service Provider

FinTech Services

  • Alternative Investment
  • Cryptocurrency / Digital Exchange
  • Crypto Broking
  • Credit Token / ICO
  • Securities Token / STO
  • Digital Banking
  • Payment System Operator
  • e-Wallet

Wealth Management

  • Private Trust Company
  • Private Foundation
  • Charitable Foundation
  • Trust

Feel free to connect with our consultants to understand which license is suitable for your intended business and which jurisdiction offers the best license.

Offshore Jurisdictions for Financial Services

We offer licensing solutions in various jurisdictions in Hong Kong, Labuan, Singapore, the European Union (Estonia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, etc).


Hong Kong Monetary


Monetary Authority of Singapore


Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (FFSA) of Germany

Bank of Lithuania

Lithuanian Central Bank


Central Bank of Ireland


Gibraltar Financial Services Commission


Czech National Bank


Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit


Financial Supervisory Authority of Estonia


Malta Financial Services Authority

The Era of Fintech

Fintech refers to the synergy between finance and technology, which is used to enhance or automate business operations and delivery of financial services (FS).

This is a broad and rapidly growing industry serving both consumers and businesses in both onshore and offshore.

Many relevant businesses/companies are applying for FS licences, and FS organisations have begun calling themselves technology companies. Fintech, or financial technology, is at the epicentre of this transformation. These industries are both using it to sharpen operational efficiency, lower costs, improve customer experience and heighten the appeal of their products and services. They are also carving out new commercial possibilities.

VISA / Expatriate Services

Offshore Business has assisted numerous people in obtaining the travel documents required for their international business.  We offer a fast and easy way to obtain a business / professional visa, passport, and other documents for business owners. We also provide this service to those thinking of relocating to Asia and/or Malaysia. Malaysia is a friendly country welcoming foreigners to their country, and have launched the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) programme in 2002. Many foreigners globally have benefitted from it from various aspects, including investment, retirement, education, healthcare, weather, culture, and language.

MM2H – Malaysia My 2nd Home

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, is a visa initiative introduced by the Malaysian government to promote Malaysia as a positive place to live for potential residents from overseas.

Bank Account Opening

Office Solutions

The push for economic substance began in 2017 when the Council of the EU established a Code of Conduct Group for business taxation, which investigated the tax policies of both EU member states and developing countries. Following that assessment, the EU published a list of IFC jurisdictions which were required to address their concerns relating to demonstrating economic substance or be placed on an EU blacklist. It is now anticipated that these economic substance requirements will become a global OECD standard to combat Harmful Tax Practices. As a result, many international financial centres have introduced their own set of substance regulations for enterpreneurs to adhere with in order to enjoy the respective tax benefits offered.

Offshore Business offers solutions in meeting the substance requirements in selected jurisdictions. We offer workplace solutions at reasonable rates, helping businesses of all sizes to expand throughout Asia with fast, easy settling-in and minimum culture shock.

Our solutions are customised to our clients’ needs because every business is unique. Offshore Business is more than just a service provider, but a reliable partner in your company’s transformative journey to success.

We leverage on our broad connections and experience to enable you to make an impact in a region where every city has its own regulations, culture and ways of conducting business. By subscribing to our office solutions, you are supported at our premium locations across Asia. Speak with our consultants to start your business and operations in Asia now.

Other Services


Business Structuring & Restructuring


Business Plan / Crisis Management Plan


Nominee Director / Services


Accounting, Bookkeeping & Audit


Payroll and Human Resources




Corporate Business Services


Custodian / Escrow




Patent, Trademark & Industrial Design

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